We are Haute Air

We are female-powered.

We are here to blow your hair - and mind.

We have strong feelings about hair.

Firstly, we love that everyone’s hair is different, and we notice even the most subtle ways that make it so.

Secondly, we believe there is beauty in all hair. The spectrum of hair-colour and texture on the planet has us, frankly, mesmerized.

Finally, we adore the way the right hairstyle can make a person feel empowered, confident, and bold. We believe in this so much that we’re passionate about making everyone feel this way.

That is why we are introducing Haute Air to Perth, Western Australia.

Delivering the hottest blowouts to compliment your authentic self.

Our Mission

We provide exceptional experiences that help you get more out of your hair and out of yourself.

Our aim is to help 20,000 women embrace and fall in love with their own unique hair, so that they feel empowered with confidence to tackle the world every day - as the best versions of themselves.